Agape Bible Institute is a mobile Bible training Institute providing Certificate and Diploma courses in basic Bible Theology, Leadership and Missiology subjects and this training uses a biblical, systematic, portable and comprehensive approach to providing the foundational equivalent of a good Bible college or seminary education. Our training consists of nearly 120 hours of interactive classroom lecture and discussion under the supervision of a qualified Bible teachers. Our Mission is to extend non-formal theological training to the untrained pastors, mission workers and church leaders who serve Jesus or have a desire to.

Since we believe the main task of the Church is evangelizing its own community, we send native missionaries and support them through prayer and financial provision.


ABI has trained thousands of students in the past 15 years and many of the students are now Pastors, Bishops, Mission Leaders, Social Reformers and many more respectable positions and we thank God for continuing to bless and enabling our Institute to change lives for God.


We, as a Church, have sent out hundreds of missionaries the last 26 years to plant Churches, and are presently supporting them.

Agape Bible Institute is a great platform for us to recruit, train and send out missionaries.

Current batch 2015-2016 with the Teachers (seated).

Training Christ-Centered, Spirit-Empowered Leaders, Pastors, Mission workers and Church Planter for Revival


Since its founding in 1996, Agape Bible Institute and College has been committed to preparing Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered leaders for end-time global revival. Today, there are thousands of seasoned leaders all around the world who received their training at ABI. Their lives and ministries are a testimony to God’s faithfulness to us in carrying out the purpose He has given us. Through experienced teachers, ex-missionaries who have dared their lives for Christ, theologians, vibrant researchers, Pastors, the students get a wide area of practical and theoretical training about practical ministry.


To learn about how you can have a mobile Agape Bible Institute come to your town or village and conduct a yearly diploma course, contact the Institute here.




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Agape Bible Church is an independent, non-denominational Tamil Church located in the heart of Bangalore city proclaiming the gospel of Christ Jesus by all means, at any cost, without anymore delay!


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