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A New Venture...

Agape School of Music is a Christian based program focused on imparting the know;ledge of music with respect to Worship. ASM is the Music and Worship wing of Agape Bible Fellowship & Churches. This new venture is committed to teaching, training and preparing a whole new  generation in serving God through music and worship and expressing their creativity being more "Christ centered" and "Church centered" individuals.  A team of talented and committed instructors will be providing excellent standard of training in the field of music and worship.



Vision & mission

A New Venture...

Our vision is to develop and educate well-rounded musicians who worship God through excellence in their music, love others by sharing their music and their faith with the world, serve God with the talents He has given them, and invite others to a relationship with their Savior and His church.


Our mission is- through music, we strive to bring more young people together and build a new generation that is committed towards ministering God through Music and Worship.


How you can be a part of ASM

Program overview

What you can expect

At ASM, the courses are designed specifically to suit the needs, requirements and musical advancement of each student. The following instruments are currently being given training on:


  • Piano - ABRSM Exams
  • Piano - Non-Exams
  • Music Theory
  • Guitars (Rhythm, Bass, Lead) - Worship
  • Keyboards - Worship
  • Drums - Worship


  • Classes at ASM are ideally designed and suited for students 6yrs of age or above. You will be placed into classes, lessons with participants of a similar training and ability.
  • Instruments will be provided by the school for classes, we highly recommend that students purchase their own instruments for individual practice.
  • Workbooks, Music Books, accessories can be purchased at the school.
  • A Registration fee of Rs.1000 will have to be paid while submitting the application. Monthly fee and class hours are detailed on the application form.
  • Classes will be conducted on all weekends. For timing related information to specific instruments kindly contact the school.
  • Click here to download or the below button for the application form and fill up the required details and submit it at the Church office here or you can email it to: asmbangalore@outlook.com

For more information, please contact the school here.




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You are welcomed to join us and share in our vision and run with us towards the goal, Christ Jesus has called us towards.


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