OUR Leadership TEAM

Plans fail when there is no counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.

Agape Bible Fellowship is a Registered Religious & Charitable Trust in Bangalore, India and here are our Administration and office bearers.

Dr. Arunkumar Y. Gundimi, M.A; B.D; D.D President

He is the National Director of Prayer Life Seminars-India and a well-known Bible teacher in our country and many other nations.


Pastor. Dr. Reuben M. Sathiyaraj, MTh, PhD. General Secretary

From 1976 experienced in Pastoral & Teaching ministry, Involved with various Missions with leadership responsibilities & administration.

Pastor. Jim Reuben Elliot, MBA, (PhD.) Director

He is a passionate leader, youth pastor, a talented Musician and former speaker for Logos Bible Speaker.


Mrs. Rekha Arunkumar, M.A; B.Ed (Retired School Principal) Trustee


Mr. Abraham, Treasurer

He is a retired Staff of Hindustan Aeronautical Limited and a committed Disciple of Christ.




1. Mrs. Flora - Manager of  Agape Children Centre Girls Home

2. Miss. Sabina Livingbel M.S.W - Counsellor for Agape Homes

3. Mrs. Molly  - Activities Manager for Agape Homes

4. Mr. Charan - Manager of  Agape Children Centre Boys Home

5. Mrs. Poornima - Caretaker

6. Mr. Ponnuswamy - Caretaker

7. Miss Nandhini - Volunteer

8. Mr. Albert - Tutor

9. Mrs. Libna - Tutor

10. Mrs. Subha - Tutor

11. Mrs. Jyothi, Supervisor





1. Mrs. Sumathi Sankar - Accountant

2. Ms. Sumithra - Office Assistant



1. Pastor. Jayaprakash and Sweety - Agape Bible Church Chikkajala

2. Pastor. Murali Mark & Rukmani  - Agape Bible Church Malavalli

3. Pastor. Suresh & Libna - Agape Bible Church Dwaraka Nagar

4. Pastor. Jestin & Poornima - Agape Bible Church Bangalore

5. Pastor. Vinodh & Subha - Agape Bible Church Bangalore

6. Pastor. Anil & Grace - Agape Bible Church Piriyapatna

7. Pastor. Mark Jebamani - Oddanchathram - Tamil Nadu

Plus numerous other Native Missionaries supported by our Ministry in different parts of India.



1. Mr. Antony Jude - Video

2. Mr. Xavier - Video

3. Mr. Raju - Audio

4. Mr. Nandu Samuel - Audio

Agape Bible Church is the prayer center division of the Registered Charitable Trust, Agape Bible Fellowship with the Government of India under the Charitable and Religious Trusts Act. Agape Bible Church is a fellowship of believers in the Lordship of Jesus Christ, sending missionaries to plant & support churches throughout India.


Our Trust was primarily started with these principles as our Vision in the forefront as guiding factor: “Reaching the Unreached - Teaching the Reached and Touching the Untouched”.


Showing the love, care to people through service attitude and community rehabilitation programs is the bloodline of our Trust. Serving the people is all that takes for our existence.


Some of our activities are:


1. Children Homes and Rehabilitation Center’s for the Street Children and the Rag Pickers in the slums of Bangalore. Bringing in the unprivileged children and giving them the basic needs for a better life and education to make them better citizens for tomorrow is what we primarily do.


2. Outreach and Developmental Activities among the Trans-genders. Helping them realize that their life has a meaning and how to erase the maligned status quo of their identity and teaching them life principles to live by and other life skills to help their moral life.


3. Educational and Community Developmental work among the Stone Breakers in the  outskirts of Bangalore. We work with the small children of the stone breakers who have no education and rehabilitate them by bringing them to our Home and raise them.


4. Social awareness and basic civic supply to the Slum Dwellers and their children. We periodically organize Medical camps, Eye check-up camps, Diabetic camps and give the poor slum dwellers and daily laborers their basic needs and help their children to get financial and educational support by working with other charities in the neighborhood.


5. Cultural and Social Centre' to promote the cultural aspects like music, painting, sculpting and dance to reach the community. We hold regular camps at our Centers and have the local community participate and share the communal brotherhood through art.


6. Educational undertakings such as computer classes, Basic English classes, free tuitions to help the community to develop their skills.


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Agape Bible Church is an independent, non-denominational Tamil Church located in the heart of Bangalore city proclaiming the gospel of Christ Jesus by all means, at any cost, without anymore delay!


You are welcomed to join us and share in our vision and run with us towards the goal, Christ Jesus has called us towards.


Email abcabfindia@gmail.com

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Cell +91 779.535.3391


You can become our ministry partner with our Church and Agape Children Centre and mission work through affiliation and monthly support.

Write to us to find out more.

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